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Is it Time to Sell?

Posted by Zerdan Dominguez

You are thinking of selling your home, but you’re unsure where to start. More importantly, you’re not sure when to start.  Timing is very important when it comes to selling your home.


Here are three questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s the right time to sell your home:


1.    Where are we in the academic school year?


Many families with school-age children look for houses when school is out – usually during the late spring/early summer. Most families want to be moved in and settled before school starts. If you live in close proximity to any schools, consider listing your home when kids are just out of school.


2.    How’s the weather?


It’s more than just small talk when it comes to selling your home. Winter conditions mean fewer buyers out looking for homes. Also, depending on the weather and your home’s specific features, the sale price may be affected. Homes with swimming pools generally sell for more in the summer than in the winter. Also, clear skies and warm, sunny weather can maximize your view and the atmosphere of your home.


3.    Is it tax season?


Just after tax time in April, many motivated buyers start looking for homes. CPAs often advise their clients that a mortgage interest deduction could help during tax season the following year. Also, many buyers have received their tax rebate checks and can afford a down payment and/or other costs associated with a home purchase. 


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