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Why You Should Consider an Ugly Fixer-Upper

Posted by Zerdan Dominguez

Many homebuyers are drawn to fixer-uppers. Sometimes the things that need to be fixed are minor cosmetic issues such as new paint, countertops, floors, lighting, and landscaping. However, there are those fixer-uppers that are just plain ugly. Some have potential and others are money pits. If you can see hidden beauty in the home and are willing to dedicate some time and hard work to revealing that beauty, you might get a great deal that others will overlook. How do you determine if you should consider an ugly fixer-upper? Look for the following:


Landscaping Potential

Is the yard ugly? That’s actually a pretty easy fix! Planting seed or laying sod can make a big difference in the appearance of the home and its curb appeal. Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers will also help.


Construction Quality

If the home has a solid foundation and quality construction, it can be a good sign that the home has great potential. Some homebuyers love older architecture as well.


Ugly and/or Outdated Décor that will Go

Most homebuyers turn away at ugly décor. However, once the sellers move, you have free reign to do whatever you want with the interior of the home. Try to see the potential rather than just looking at what the current homeowner has done to the inside of the home.


Kitchen Remodel

Upgrading the kitchen can be a big expense. However, it can also give you a big return on your investment. Examine your budget to determine if you can afford to remodel an outdated kitchen.


The Possibility of a New Roof

Most buyers walk away immediately when they see water stains on a ceiling or roof damage. However, if you’re willing to fix or replace the roof, you can usually eliminate the source of the problem.


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